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Hi-Care is a multipurpose sound and visual outlet with an intention to share care, and to see more faces smiling.His considered touch has been felt in Australia since he first moved from London to Sydney in 2011. 

Now based in Collingwood, Melbourne, his Care Area studio functions as an open home for printing solutions and creative collaboration. Facilitating bespoke apparel decoration and printing capabilities for stickers, decals, posters, wall paper and more. The unique studio space acts as a haven for research and development. A welcoming space that maximises potential through shared creation. Notable clients that have already sourced Care Area’s hi-quality assistance include Rising Festival, Butter Sessions, Jonti, Hoddle, Goodgod Small Club and for Amrita Hepi at both Gertrude Contemporary & Shepparton Art Museum. Care Area is trusted in executing valuable solutions for distinct visual identities, complimenting vision with understanding and ability. 

As a full time music lover and DJ, club culture plays a central role in informing Hi-Care’s outlook. This passion underpins much of his creative pursuits. He has collaborated with many of Australia’s most esteemed venues and promoters to create environments that reinforce the notion that considered spaces can uplift and bring people together. Hi-Care has worked with the likes of party institutions Mad Racket, Multi-Culti, Heavenly, Angel Music Bar, Goodgod Small Club, and even Vivid at the Sydney Opera House to help deliver elevated experiences of feeling good. 

His obsession with discerning sound and curated surroundings has eventually led to Careful Sounds. Centering around Hi-Care’s vintage Klipsch speaker system and beautiful spatial enrichment, which allows music to breathe the right way. Careful Sounds is quickly becoming an in-demand Melbourne favourite with it’s considered soundscapes carefully presented to bring music to life and inspire community bonding experiences.

In a world so careless, Hi-Care exudes care in every element. Proving attention to detail is a form of caring for others.

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