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Rhys Newling

Rhys Newling is a multidisciplinary video artist based in Naarm (Melbourne)

Beginning his journey into the world of visuals as a lighting technician at Melbourne’s renowned live music venue the Night Cat, Rhys quickly skyrocketed the technical ladder taking his work from lighting to photography, filmography and videographics that traverse 3D animation.

At the heart of Rhys’ craft is collaborations as while he is a skilled technician, he gains most fulfillment from adding a dynamic visual element to the music that he loves. By injecting eclectic and creative visual animations to live music performances, Rhys is able to transform the sonic soundscape into an audiovisual experience that transcends the limitations of sole sound. 

Some of Rhys’ most notable collaborations include working with world-class rapper and singer Sampa the Great at stages across Australia, including the 15,000 person capacity Supernatural Amphitheatre at Victoria’s renowned Meredith Festival. This performance was a true testament to the brilliant shine that Rhys’ work adds to any show, with visuals and animations that complemented the lyrics while bolstering the themes of womanhood and blackness that Sampa the Great powerfully presented. 

Beyond his consistent collaborations with the multitalented Zambian-Australian rapper, Rhys has also worked alongside eclectic electronic-live acts Milang Ring and 30/70, as well as showcased his visual art at festivals including Meredith, Splendour in the Grass and Hopkins Creek. 

While 2020 subjected many in the industry to an unwanted pause from the mayhem of years gone by, Rhys flew high in heavy stead and continued to stay true to his craft by continuing to create. Notably, he directed many multi-camera live streams in an attempt to keep Melbourne’s thriving music industry alive in spite of the pandemic, and experimented with 3D motion graphics and studio portrait photography that he continues to this day.

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