Caravan is one of Australia’s most compelling DJ / producers. The Sydney based, French native’s rise has felt meteoric on the back of recent output. His varied yet distinctly sonorous production, circulating mixes by some of the world’s most esteemed. Oscillating from bent boogie, street-soul, cosmic disco, reggae not reggae, and left-field dance music, Caravan’s eclectic influences are always felt through his synth-stroked, club bombs. 

A respected DJ and deep record collector, Caravan understands how to move a room through feeling not genre. He has supported everyone from Daniele Baldelli to Peggy Gou, and contributed mixes for the likes of Rinse FM, Worldwide FM, Invisible City and Pinchy & Friends.

However, Caravan is merely the latest moniker of Jerome Mouron, who often also goes under Paul Jextra; a humble yet constant fixture within Australia’s clubbing community for well over a decade.

His formative years were spent digging, djing and partying across the south of France and later London. A time that would fine tune his ears and expose him to the unbounded potential of dance music. But it was in Sydney where Caravan really began to hone his craft as a producer. A chance run in with Jimmy Sing, owner of Goodgod Small Club, would lead to his role as the fabled club’s in-house sound tech. A tenure that would place him right in the centre of a tight-knit music community. Caravan’s production finesse and brilliant ear for mixing would soon be felt with contributions on a string of local nu-disco releases for labels like Modular and Future Classic. A time that would also spawn a lifelong friendship with Myles Du Chateau of whom he runs his label Treat Street with.

With every recent release including those on beloved Australian imprints Planet Trip and Ken Oath, the name Caravan continues to gain a cult following. His style is a unique blender of digging references and modern club sensibilities. Proof in his magic touch can be found in support from the likes of Antal, Paula Tape, John Gomez, CC Disco, Tako, Dar Disku and Stamp The Wax. With plenty of club-ready melters still on the way, the rhythmic whiz will continue to bless ears through his own lane. 

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