A pillar in Boorloo’s (Perth) dance music scene, Jxnior (they/them) comes well equipped with unparalleled positivity, radiant energy and a fiery passion for inclusive and safe spaces. 

Sonically Jxnior’s DJ sets spotlight Afrocentric sounds - traversing silky smooth amapiano, afro-house strains, ultra-percussive breaks and throwing in a taste of UK funk and grime for good measure. You can expect weighty bass lines intertwined with vocal refrains that ubiquitously flow from one drum beat to the next, with each percussive element chosen with deep skill and consideration. 

Each set of Jxnior’s is cross-continental and carefully assembled, having led them to support incredible talent including the UK’s Asquith, DJ PGZ and Half Queen as well as having earned a spot at reputable Boorloo parties including Outerbody, Turnt tables, Netwerxx, and Crab Claw.

Beyond their evocative DJ sets Jxnior is also the head honcho of community-driven art sharing space Ndawonye, where their penchant for bringing people together to celebrate the beauty of bla(c)k music has given a voice and platform for fresh Queer/P.O.C/Trans artist to break new ground in a safe and encouraging environment.

Jxnior represents the bright future of electronic music in so-called Australia, so don’t sleep on witnessing what a real passion for music looks like.

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