Sophie McAlister

Behind the counter at Northside records and Skylab co-presenter with Lori, Sophie is no stranger to Melbourne’s music ecosystem.  With no bounds, Sophie has been liberally firing jams at dance floors, working closely with Crown Ruler and various dance communities whilst being a musical friend to all. To describe Sophie McAlister’s output in just a handful of genres is to do Sophie’s craft a great disservice. She’s a purveyor of all the styles that lift your spirits and nourish your soul.  An eternal learner and excavator of a variety of sounds, Sophie's ability to weave effortlessly through genres reinscribes her speciality of playing to any dancefloor. If you ask Sophie to describe her style herself, she’ll tell you she does it all. For this reason and many more, she’s considered a treasure amongst the local scene. 

Sophie's output of guest mixes vary from her Rinse FM Mix for Ben UFO's Hessle Audio show, vinyl-only for Vinyl Factory,  and a downtempo cassette tape titled “Sooky Lala”, demonstrating her very discerning taste across all styles.  

This year she has played at a variety of international programs including Boiler Room in Bali, We Out Here festival in the UK and Rhythm Section in London.

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