Surana is the techno-focused outlet of protean drummer and percussionist Lucky Pereira. 

Already established as one of Naarm’s most dependable and distinct session artists, Lucky  has lent his intuitive rhythmic finesse to aid groups including Elle Shimada Collective,  Close Counters, JK Group and Teymori. With accomplished family roots in percussive  apprehension, he was born with a rarified poise across groove and instrumental music.  Forever exploring the interconnected relations in sound, Surana is his vehicle to push club  music forward. 

Guided by his South Asian and African Heritage, Surana was inspired by Lucky’s love for  techno after hearing similarities in the way rhythms interact and create unity within music  and people. This feeling, a driving force behind his invigorating sound. An aptitude for  rhythm and grooves has evidently translated to a sharp and innovative mixing ability that has  flawed many. 

His sets aim to explore energetic rhythms and dark textures while moving through moods with atmospheric depth and paying close attention to momentum. Still only in its conceptual infancy, Surana’s compelling skill set has already been recognised, with closing set invitations from Chiara Kickdrum, Jennifer Loveless and beloved icon Soichi Terada. This emerging talent is certainly one to watch as he evolves within the Naarm techno scene.

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