Since the year 2000, the name Crown Ruler has been synonymous with forward-thinking music in Australia and beyond. With a ubiquitous presence on the music landscape, Crown Ruler has played a dynamic and indispensable role championing the soulful underground.

Rooted in touring and events, the CR brand has expanded into a multi-faceted ecosystem of services and resources. We are a diverse, community-focused agency with an uncompromising ethos; that is to present niche music with integrity and care. We continue to support quality music, working with credible and unique artists from our own backyard and around the globe. Crown Ruler has built a reputation for standing at the forefront of both live and club environments, continually breaking new ground and executing moments the right way.

Today, Crown Ruler extends to an artist booking agency, a record label, a respected mix series, management, music consultancy and services, venue bookings, brand alignments and much more. Boasting decades of industry experience and an extensive network of relationships both nationally and internationally, the resume is built on facilitating deserving outcomes for our scene. We are music lovers first and foremost. Contextualizing how things fit and understanding the nuances in musical movements is important to us.

Whether it’s handling bespoke, custom audio systems, quibbling with deep record aficionados or simply relating to the identity and attitudes of our beloved artists and dancers alike, It’s in these small details that define Crown Ruler and illustrate the reverence it holds within the music industry.

2020 marks Crown Ruler’s 20th anniversary. Two decades built on quality music and human connection. Our mantra is focused on treating our music scene with love and care. We will continue to do so for many years to come.