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Chef Chung

Chef Chung makes cinematic magic with his far-reaching twist on alternative hip hop. 

Through crafting his own bent production and intimate poetics, Chef Chung has forged his own singular mode - oozing in style and pushing boundaries. His form - a blender of influence - fusing 70s soul and 90s r&b with touches of modern electronic and trap to create a vivid sonic soundscape. The savour of Chung’s blazed out syntax, melodic touches and intimate themes act as the compelling tool for his creative storytelling. Expressing a stream of consciousness, Chef Chung seeks to embrace individuality, reflecting his everyday experiences and channelling his voice through experimentation. 

At only 23, the producer / emcee from Naarm (Melbourne) has already made ripples throughout the local underground with limited offerings. First turning heads with his 2021 EP Balance, his enigmatic yet compelling reputation has persisted through limited teasers, collaborations and live appearances. The release of two singles - Jards Macalé, Light of Day and Mine! featuring experimental contemporary Baro Sura, both cementing Chung on many “one-to-watch” lists. 

2023 marks the year where this bubbling talent reaches boiling point. The hype has built with a string of select performances across Australia including for cult local collectives Crown Ruler, Beat Kitchen Records, Mandarin Dreams, Tribqu, Beat Kitchen Records and Aywa Syndicate, support slots for fellow risers Jaal and Yibby and a memorable feature at renowned music festival MEADOW. Simultaneously, Chef's music has begun to circulate on NTS Radio, Triple J, Triple R, PBS, FBI Radio while Australia’s leading publications in the hip hop space have shone a spotlight on Chef's work including VICE, Acclaim Magazine, Liminal and WAEVZ - An impressive response to an artist who has still yet to deliver his most fully realised work. Although things are about to change…

With his debut WARRIOR POUNDS THE MORTAR dropping November 2023, the ‘best kept secret’ label won’t retain for much longer. Sky’s the limit for one of Australia’s most compelling new voices. 

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