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Lord Echo

New Zealand producer and multi instrumentalist Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabulous) has been flexing his dual mastery of 60's production techniques and modern dance floor aesthetics for over a decade now, through a  flowing blend of boogie-laced Funk, disco-primed Reggae, futuristic Soul, and timeless African rhythms. 

Known worldwide for his production work with NZ’s biggest Reggae export The Black Seeds, he drew a  groundswell of excitement around his debut solo album ‘Melodies’ in late 2010. The independent release  became a cult classic strictly through word-of-mouth, championed by tastemakers like Gilles Peterson (who  played it repeatedly on his BBC Radio 1 show), Oliver Wang (Soulsides) and Richard Dorfmeister. Re-issues of  the album soon followed in Japan and Europe, with vinyl copies quickly becoming a hot commodity among  discerning collectors around the globe. 

In recent years, Lord Echo has solidified his presence as a unique force on the global landscape of dance  music with his anthemic tunes 'Just Do You feat. Mara TK' and his timeless rework of the Sister Sledge classic  'Thinking Of You'. Now a staple of UK label Soundway Records' roster, Lord Echo continues to enrapture the  world with his boogie-laced funk, disco-primed reggae and futuristic soul. 

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