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MaggZ is a Naarm based multidisciplinary artist, creative and movement director. She specializes in waacking - a freestyle dance predominately involving arm movements which originated in 1970s LA from the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Traversing street dance battles, live performances, installations and movement direction, MaggZ aspires to explore all the possibilities inherent in creation whilst honoring an authenticity to herself and others. MaggZ recent achievements include being the recipient of the Young Creative Awards in 2020, nominated four times for the Green Room Awards and being crowned winner of the Sisters Session Vol.8 all-style dance battle in 2021. 

In recent years MaggZ has expanded on her skills in creative and movement direction, integrating her love of dance and curation with that of her community. Notable projects include choreographing a live performance between members of House of Silky at Aarti Jadu’s ‘Untitled001’ screening at Miscellania, creative direction and performance alongside Amy Zhang for movement-based multimedia video ‘I’m not a virus - 气 (chi)’ commissioned by Diversity Arts Australia and ongoing facilitation/curation for Fem Jam - an all-inclusive space for artists to connect and exchange prioritizing female and non-binary queer people.

MaggZ is also a frequent creative director of photoshoots and digital projects with recent work including Motherboard in collaboration with age of foolishness (Eve Maxwell), Skye Sobejko, and Moochimade; and Volatile - a digital series featuring digital artists around the globe in response to the pandemic of COVID 19.

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