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Kush Jones (Boorloo)

Crown Ruler and Ndawoyne unite in Boorloo on Saturday September 24th to welcome prolific Bronx-based DJ and producer Kush Jones. 

Hosted in the Rechabite on Whadjuk Noongar Country, be prepared to witness Kush’s knowledge of the sounds embedded in the streets of New York woven with Chicago Footwork, Jersey Club and a rich selection of stylings from across the map. 

Equipped with years of experience behind the production desk since teenagehood, it’s no surprise that this lends itself to a mastery of the craft of DJing for Kush. What’s more fascinating is his ability to fuse classical and contemporary influences into an enigmatic mixing style not only informed by the history and culture of black music, but also underpinned by his personal family roots. Expect an intricate vision of what the future of dance music in NY holds. 

Joining him on the unstoppable night are Boorloo-based artists Jxnior, Shuko, Nora Zion and Yikes B2B Nafta.






The Rechabite

Saturday September 24th

8pm til 2am